At Svans Dentistry we are committed to using the latest technology and providing you with a variety of options for dealing with your dental health concerns. Botox is an FDA-approved muscle relaxant that can alleviate the effects of certain oral issues. To learn more about Botox and the benefits it can provide, we invite you to give us a call today at 480.219.8760 Scottsdale, AZ dental office.

Our Expertise

Dr. Svans is specifically trained to treat patients for issues not only having to do with teeth and gums, but also the area around your mouth and jaw. For example, if you suffer from TMJ, you probably experience headaches and jaw pain. Dr. Svans can inject Botox into your facial muscles, which will help relax them. Incidentally, as you may know, Botox can also smooth or soften wrinkles.

Cosmetic Botox

If you’re simply considering Botox for cosmetic reasons, that’s no problem! Dr Svans can help you improve your appearance by strategically applying Botox to certain areas in your face. The advantage to having Dr. Svans apply Botox stems from his understanding of the make-up of the facial muscles, from forehead to chin. Similarly, he understands muscle dynamics and their role in facial expressions. This intimate knowledge of the face allows him to accurately place the Botox to obtain the desirable effect.

Benefits of Botox

There are many benefits associated with using Botox as a treatment for oral issues. First, it’s not a surgery, so it doesn’t involve recovery time. Second, it’s a solution that can last up to six months before you would need another treatment. Finally, it’s a measure that not only allows you to feel better, but can make you look better as well. If you are serious about dealing with headaches or jaw pain or would like to look into Botox for cosmetic reasons, reach out to our Scottsdale Dental Office. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.