General & Family Dentistry

As you consider what the terms general or family dentist mean, you may be wondering how this differs from other dental health professionals. You may also wonder whether you need to see a general or family dentist regularly. At Svans Dentistry, we want to make sure you understand the answers to these questions and that you thoroughly understand the importance of general dentistry to your long-term health.

General Dentistry: What Is It?

General or Family dentistry refers to dental care that is similar to the care you receive from your primary healthcare provider. As your general dentist, Dr. Erik Svans will be responsible to provide specific and overall care of your oral health no matter your age, from the very young to the elderly. Dr. Svans has been practicing for over twenty years and is ready to diagnose, treat, and manage a variety of oral health issues you may have.
Our Process

At Svans Dentistry we want to get to know you and earn your trust. We’ll do that by learning about your dental history as well as learning about the goals you have for your long-term dental health. Once we’ve got a good idea about your goals, we’ll help you devise a plan that’s specific for you, and we’ll try to help you meet those goals. There are a variety of general dental services that we provide. Your plan will most likely involve one or more of them as necessary.

General and Family Dentistry Services

First off, we highly recommend coming into our office for regular visits with Dr. Erik Svans. These regular visits will allow Dr. Svans to help you practice good oral hygiene. These visits will also aid in preventing and/or detecting serious oral issues that can occur. The general dentistry services we provide include a variety of options that can be performed on patients of varying ages.