Advanced Dental Technology

At Svans Dentistry, we believe in doing our very best to provide for our patients’ comfort and well-being. We want your dental experience to be productive, convenient, and effective. That’s why we invest in revolutionary dental technologies.

CEREC Technology

If you need a crown, bridge, or veneer, CEREC technology will help us give you an accurate implement. CEREC technology actually allows us to collect digital impressions of your teeth and mouth by scanning every surface of your teeth. Using these precise measurements, we can then create a more perfect restoration for you.

Pinhole Surgical Technique

Pinhole Surgical Technique is a process by which, using a needle, a small hole is made in the gum tissue. With delicate instruments, Dr Svans then guides the loosened tissue over the receded areas of your teeth. This technique doesn’t require an incision or sutures, making recovery much easier.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays can be much more effective than traditional X-rays. That’s because digital X-rays provide an instant, high definition view of your teeth. With traditional X-rays, the pictures are typically lower resolution and take much more time to be developed. Digital X-rays are also safer because they use significantly lower radiation. With digital X-rays, we can diagnose potential dental issues before they develop into something worse.

Cone Beam Scanner

The Cone Beam Scanner provides an overall of your smile from a variety of angles, giving us a more precise view of your mouth. We can see how your teeth fit together, as well as the underlying structures of your teeth. All of this information helps us create a better smile makeover for you!

Lasers and Laser Cavity Detection

Through the use of light energy, lasers can help to treat different conditions in your mouth. At Svans Dentistry, we use different kinds of lasers to treat different types of problems. Lasers can be used on both soft tissues, like the gums, and harder tissue, like teeth. Lasers can be used to reshape your gums or to remove infected gum tissue. They can also be used to remove tooth decay and prepare teeth for a variety of procedures.

It is important to be able to detect cavities as early as possible. We use laser technology to find cavities. The digital readout we then produce provides a more advanced look at your teeth.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer, also known as mouth cancer, is often a silent disease, with symptoms going unnoticed for months. Many people don’t realize they have oral cancer until it is too late. At Svans Dentistry, we can effectively screen for oral cancer, using innovative dental technology. Dr. Svans will first physically examine your mouth, checking for any suspicious lesions or sores. Then, he will use a special light device that reveals infected or damaged tissue in your mouth. We will take a sample of the tissue for further testing in order to properly diagnose you. Come in today for an oral cancer screening!